Rub My Belly for Good Luck

It’s decided. I need this t-shirt. I just had my belly “rubbed” for the first time today by a random stranger. As I enter the pregnancy realm, I have discovered from veteran moms that a surprising number of people are belly touchers. Apparently, it’s something about our exaggerated shape that compels people to touch the belly. One of my domestic heroes, The Pioneer Woman, is a belly toucher and proud of it. But it eventually got her in trouble- for a good laugh, read the story here.

My experience today was very similar. I was going to the gym and thought I had my belly camouflaged in my husband’s t-shirt Note: people are strangely uncomfortable seeing a pregnant woman work out, so I hide my belly under a large t-shirt. Problem is, my husband isn’t that much bigger than me – I’ve determined I need to steal some of my dad’s extra large t-shirts. But, I digress; so I walked past this Latino woman sitting at a table and suddenly her face lit up. She motioned me to come over to her, and the obedient woman that I am, I complied. I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Then it happened- her hand shot out and rubbed my belly, just like Buddha. Not sure what to do, I just stood there and smiled. Then she said in her thick accent, “So beautiful” and had the most endearing look in her eyes. Rather than being creeped out, I actually appreciated her motherly enthusiasm.

So there you have it. Not all belly-rubbing experiences are as bad as they say. Although if it becomes a continual practice by random strangers, I’m going to start charging a small fee. After all, it may just bring good luck.


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