Eeny-Tiny Hiney

I am in the process of packing William’s diaper bag for the hospital. Of course, one of the first items to go into the bag are diapers. I opened the package, and was struck at how small the newborn diapers were! I stood there for a moment in complete disbelief that:

A) I am going to have a baby that will wear these diapers (you would think I would be used to this idea by now).

B) How small he will be!

His diapers are smaller than my hand!

I know this is a classic new parent’s fear, but newborns seem so…breakable. Within a year we will be throwing him into the air and will laugh at these concerns, but for a new parent, there’s something so real and slightly scary about realizing that you will be solely responsible for this little person.

This is probably the appropriate time since it is Mother’s Day to say thank you to my mom and to all mothers, who knowingly take on this monumental responsibility to love, care for, and protect the next generation. You may be thinking, “Wow, she got all that from opening a package of diapers?” Yes, I did. Don’t get me started about strollers!

So to all of you veteran moms, and my many friends who are mommies-to-be, have a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day (if that’s possible). From what I’ve heard, motherhood is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences life offers. I will be able to add my two cents pretty soon!


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